Is It Safe To Use Ouija Boards?

Would he ever ask a person to end their own life is my question, simply because he sees no hope for their minds to grasp positivity again whilst on this incarnation?

I don’t know who the “he” is you mention… God, perhaps.
Either way, if you are messing with ‘Ouija’ type boards or anything similar, you will get into trouble.
God gave you life and you are meant to see that life through until the end.
There are negative spirits out there who will mess with your mind if they can.
The way to stop them is to stop messing with any board games.
So many young people contact me who have negative thoughts and consider ending their lives.
This you must never do.
You have been given life to live it to the full, not end it.
We all have problems. That is part of the growing up procedure. Eventually, these problems end and life returns to peace again for a while.
But, problems will always turn up. You must see them for what they are, just tests to try your strength.
Have faith that you are being protected, which you are.
Your personal guide is always there, unseen and unfelt but he or she is there watching over you.
This guide will allow you to make mistakes but is there to pull you back to safety, if you will allow him/her.
The tests make you stronger.
God would never send you a test that you cannot pass.
Faith that you will pull through is vital.
So, throw away any “boards” that you are using, get your feet back on the ground. Forget negative thoughts and try to be happy.
Life is good, as you will find if and when you get back on track.
Never consider ending your life.
You must consider the effect on your family, friends and loved ones if you do. This would be terrible.
Fill your life with helping people, animals and even plants and you will find happiness.

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