The creature that was  affectionately  termed J-Rod was in fact a robotic entity that was created by the rather unpleasant race of beings generally known as the grays.

The term grays actually refers to the created entities (the robots), the controlling Force, living in the lower fourth dimension, are never seen.

Now, this entity, of which only one was captured alive and in a state to be able to communicate with man, was a construct of this alien race but the story that has come down to us over the years is a mixture of truth and fable.

It is of no interest for us to present the story as far as we have been able to unravel it because we can present no evidence for any information that might not accord with the presented story.

All we will say is that a robot was captured in good condition and was interrogated for a while by US Black Ops intelligence in the hopes of getting some viable information concerning the forces that created and operated this puppet.

However, the entities who manufactured and controlled this creature were, and are, far more intelligent than military personnel and so much false information was given that was mulled over by the black ops group who finished no wiser than when they started.

We understand that this robotic creature known as J-Rod was disposed of eventually when its usefulness came to an end.

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