Jesus Feeds The 5000

Q: Bob, I’ve heard that it is better to eat things that was simpler life, like plants, and that if you do eat meat, it’s better to eat fish, since life here originated in water, therefore it didn’t have to change as much, being simpler. What do you think of this? If this is true, and the story of the fish lasting to feed 5000 isn’t a representation, do you think this is why, or perhaps they just needed the nutrition, as it would’ve been harder to have a healthy vegetarian diet back then. Perhaps that is why the bible says something about people eating what is around them, so people don’t malnourish themselves when they can’t eat a vegetarian diet that provides sufficient nutrients.?

A: Ideally, you should never eat anything that is sentient, feels pain and feels when it is dying.  So, it is better to eat plants and fruit and nuts than meat or fish.  Fish are just as alive as an animal.
The story about Jesus and the 5000 is allegorical.  Jesus gave them spiritual nourishment.
However, no one really knows what food he gave them, if any.  Christianity was invented 300 years after the time of Jesus so the stories were handed down from generation to generation and, no doubt, got altered over time.
Also, it was difficult for the people of the time that translated the Bible from its original language finally into Greek to imagine that people could survive without animal protein, so they wrote whatever seemed plausible to them.
We will never know the truth of the matter but Jesus, who is still very much alive in the heavenly spheres has said that, if he was on Earth today, he would be vegan.  So, perhaps, we should try to follow the example of Jesus.

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