John Of Patmos

What do you know about John of Patmos? He is the writer of book of revelations. Who channeled this information to him?

John of Patmos was a being created by universal consciousness.  In other words, he did not exist as a real, live person.  But, a thought form known as John of Patmos was created by thought.  This was, in part, instigated by spiritual beings who wished to predict warnings and impart a certain amount of spiritual information concerning the way life might unfold to man both incarnate at the time and in the future.
This information was given by spiritual entities to a variety of psychic people by telepathy.  The name of the group is not important now nor is the names of the recipients of the messages.  It is the message that counts, not the messenger.
The messages were gathered together and formed into a book called revelations.
As people require names to identify with the fictitious name ‘John of Patmos’ was created.

However, we will say that the Book of Revelations was written a long time ago and timelines change so not too much credence should be placed today on what was written several thousands of years ago.

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