The concept of karma started in Eastern religions many years ago.

The idea is closely linked with reincarnation, of course.

What it suggests is that the errors made in this lifetime have to be paid for in a subsequent lifetime.

This concept is based on a number of errors concerning how life is actually constructed.

For karma to be real as imagined in Eastern religions, it has to be true that reincarnation is fact.

But reincarnation is not fact.  It is a lie perpetrated by Archons working through evil religious leaders.

Once one’s incarnation is finished on Earth one almost never returns, so karma in that sense is a falsehood.

However, it must be said that there is a price to be paid for every action.

The law of mutual attraction is always at work drawing like to like.  This is sometimes interpreted as one reaps what one sows.

So people who live incorrect lives must pay for their sins.

However, they do not pay for sins in a subsequent incarnation.  They may well pay in this incarnation or they pay once their incarnation is finished by being drawn, through the law of mutual attraction, to going to one of the areas of what is called hell.

So, in that sense karma is a fact in that all acts, both good and bad, attract a payment but it is not true as imagined by reincarnation in good or bad conditions in a subsequent lifetime.

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