Kundalini is not a physical object. It is etheric.
Most people do not arouse the snake form, but certain people, who have unwisely tampered with entering the etheric realms without protection, can arouse this so-called snake.
In fact, although it may be visualized as a snake, it is not. It is a negative energy that a person can unwisely transfer from his lower chakras, into his higher. This is most unwise.

The chakras that enter the physical body, are about 7 in number, and are connected to various emotions, so to speak.
The lowest one, indeed the lowest 3, are connected to ego, selfishness, and a lot of unpleasant attitudes. The very attitudes that spiritual people would try to shed.
The upper three are connected to higher emotions, and the very last, highest one, is connected to higher self, and to the God force.

Now, these lower forces can be powerful, and if left unchecked, can cause people to be very violent – either physically or verbally – selfish, self-opinionated, unkind, and the sort of person no spiritual individual, any good human, would wish to associate with.
Under certain circumstances, these lower forces can be released up the chakras, and overpower the higher chakras. When this happens, the individual becomes under the control of the base, vile thoughts, emanating upwards from this lowest chakra, and overcoming the higher, noble forces. So, the person can become the epitome of egotistical.
Fortunately, this event is rare, because most people have no idea of how to raise that negative energy.
For the few who have succeeded, a life of misery awaits them, as they attempt to transform others to their negative thoughts, followed by a long period of readjustment in the lower realms of the afterlife.

The kundalini is depicted as a snake, because it is seen in the etheric world as a winding cord of dark energy, twisting and turning close to the spine, as it in snares chakra point after chakra point, leaving only the highest one untouched. It does not have the power to overpower the top one.
Anyone under the control of the kundalini snake, would be a very unfortunate, and unhappy person.
This concept of trying to arouse the kundalini snake, should be avoided at all costs.

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