Las Vegas Shootings – 2017

What does the GWB say about the mass murder in Las Vegas? What kind of human could do this? I’m totally confused. How? I need some words of wisdom please.

Here is what the GWB said.
As you know, we who have left the Earth plane some time ago have limited ability to advise you. We give advice on the correct way to pass one’s incarnation and we give warnings concerning those who place their destiny in the hands of the Archons and are pushed to do evil. But we have no control over people’s actions.  To do so would interfere with the free will that all living things have. So we must leave man to his own devices. However, there is a price for everything and people who cause harm pay a severe penalty when they arrive in the spiritual realms. But humanity is not abandoned.  God’s angels are forever trying to influence mankind to do good.

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