Law Of Mutual Attraction

I am going to let you into a couple of secrets that have been kept from the public by the people that try to control us.

When God made the universe, He put in place a few laws to help us be the happy, successful people that we should be.

Here is one of them.

The law of mutual attraction.

You draw towards you what you feel deep within.

Now, in practice, this means that we have to emulate what we need.

For instance, if you need money.  It is no good saying to God, ‘Oh God, I have this money problem and I have bills that I cannot pay’, because God picks up that prayer and says to Himself, ‘Oh, this person is concentrating on money problems so I will send her more problems because that is what she wants.’  That is the law of mutual attraction at work.  You draw towards you what you are thinking about.

Then we come to a second law.

Follow your highest joy.

Now, these two laws are linked.

If your highest “joy” is to be unhappy because you have money problems, God will send you more of them.

Obviously, we do not want that so how do we turn it around?

It is easy.

You have to realize that time does not exist, it is an illusion.  Therefore, the answer to your problem is already here and you just have to draw it towards you.

The way to do this is to think what it would be like if you did not have money problems.  I am talking about money but you can use this technique to draw anything towards you.

Imagine, – continuing with money – that you already had sufficient money in your bank account to cover all your bills and that amount of money would always be there, no matter what happened.

Imagine that feeling of joy, of peace, of contentment, knowing that you had so much money that you could never have a money problem.  Really feel that emotion of peace, of elation.

Hold on to that feeling of elation and say to God, ‘Thank you God for sending me all that money so that I will never have that problem again.’  Hold on to that feeling day and night and the money will appear.

God picks up your feeling of joy and, by the law of mutual attraction, send you more and more.

Now, how can you gain knowledge and experience.  In real life there are no secrets, no taboo areas.  Once again that is created by the mind control people.  Do you really think that God would hide from us, His children, the knowledge of how His universe works?  No.  It is man that tries to stop you from learning in order to control you with all this religious nonsense.

Once again, we can use God’s laws to draw towards us what we want.

Think about what you want to learn.  Do not think in a negative sense, ‘Oh, I don’t know this and I don’t know that.’

Say to God, ‘I want wisdom and knowledge and I know that you, Almighty God, who is my father, will send it to me, and I thank you that it is so.

Hang on to your feeling of joy that comes with having your problems solved and God will understand what you need to know and will open the doors to allow you access to the wisdom that you seek.

So, to recapitulate.

You want knowledge and experience.

Create within you the feeling of joy that comes with having that knowledge and experience.

Thank God for sending it to you, and by the law of mutual attraction that knowledge and experience will come.

Never think negatively, only positively, full of joy.  As if you really, really have all that you were seeking and you are overwhelmed with joy at all you have received.

These laws really work.

Already, by being pushed to contact me, I have been able to open this door.  It is up to you now to put into practice what I have said and the door will be flung wide open.

Remember the words of Jesus, I think.
Seek and ye shall find.
Knock and it shall be opened unto you.
Ask and ye shall receive.

Then you just have to thank God that you already have what you are seeking and you will, indeed, receive.

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