The names Atlantis and Lemuria are often linked as if one was the antithesis of the other.

We are presented with an image were only two forces existed, Atlantis and Lemuria.

This was not the case at all.

The world is huge, as large then as it is now so there were many continents, many civilizations and many groups of people just as there are today.

We are also presented with a picture of two civilizations vastly superior to us today, with mysterious physics at their command.

This picture is largely false.

Just as there are, possibly, two major forces in the world today, America and Russia, there are also a number of important countries: China, India, Pakistan, Europe to name just a few.

It was the same then.

Although history has retained only the two main ones, Atlantis and Lemuria, there were, nevertheless, a large number of continents and people that lived outside of the control of these two that history has recorded.

Some of these other people were fairly advanced and some were fairly primitive, just as they are today.

To return to Lemuria.

Like most of the Earth’s population, the people and the continent of Lemuria was decimated by the same ELE that destroyed Atlantis.

The original home base was where Java is today, roughly, but has moved as the planet earth spun as a result of the ELE.

It would be off the shores of Australia today but is far underwater.

The people of Lemuria were of about the same level of advancement as those of Atlantis and, like the Atlantean’s, had spread their interests beyond their shores and into other countries.

But it would be wrong to suggest that the civilised world was divided just between Atlantis and Lemuria. There were a large number of different civilizations.

They spoke a different language to the Atlantean’s, a language that does not have a comparison today.

They had developed space travel and, in many ways, we can compare the two civilizations.

A parallel today would be to compare America and Russia, which, although vastly different in customs and language, history will be put in the same box as regards technological development.

We must move to the incident that caused the ELE that destroyed much of the planet Earth at that time and most of its population.

It has been suggested that a huge hole was dug in the ground in an attempt to release heat.

This is not true as the Lemuria’s would have realised the danger of suddenly releasing pent up energy in such an uncontrolled fashion.

The truth is that a satellite from outer space crashed into the Earth in the region of mainland Lemuria and caused a vast volcanic eruption because Lemuria was built in an area where there was an underground volcano much like Yellowstone park today.

The combined result of the impact of the satellite followed by a huge volcanic eruption was enough to provoke an ELE.

So all life was eliminated, Atlantis and Lemuria included.

In the interests of completing the picture we must say that the similarities between the underground volcano at Yellowstone park and that in Lemuria are such that we can compare the two.

The difference being that the people of Lemuria exploited the thermals that emitted from deep underground to provide heating and an endless supply of hot water for various uses.

So they did drill into these thermal areas to tap the clean, boiling water below.

It may be that remote viewers investigating the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria saw in their mind’s eye these drilling constructions and put two and two together and presumed that it was that the Lemuria’s dug too deep and provoked a catastrophe. This is understandable but is not the truth.

It was a satellite crashing into the underground volcano that provoked the demise of all life at that time.

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