Light Of God

It is possible for the light of God to appear at any moment, whether one is asleep or awake.

Obviously, when asleep, it is rarer as one’s mind is usually projecting images that one experiences as dreams.
But if the person is dreaming of spiritual matters, that can trigger the light of God to appear.
In fact, that light is always present, coming from the God source into the higher self.
But, from there, this light usually remains contained within the higher self until, and unless, a certain level of spiritual awareness is obtained, at which point the higher self releases this light and it is eventually seen by the person as a spiritual force.

This light, coming from God, contains the life force and, if seen by the person, gives the life force of the person a boost.

In effect, he becomes more alive, filled with the Holy Spirit.

It was referred to as “seeing the light”, and usually resulted in a change for the better of the personality of the individual concerned.

So, the light can be seen during sleep but is rare.

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