The Logos, the Spirit and the ID

The spiritual aspect of a living object, whatever that object is, is that part that enables all the other parts to function.
It enables, in a human, thoughts, emotions, feelings and awareness among many other parts.  But it doesn’t really have a name because mankind does not really know that it exists despite its grand importance.
It enables collective consciousness to exist.  Indeed, it is part of collective consciousness.  One could call it individual consciousness, which is why we refer to it as the ID.
But it is connected to the Logos (within the soul) via a connecting cord we refer to as the spirit.
You see the problem?
The ID is a spiritual part of us but there is also a connection to the Logos also called the spirit.
We try to overcome the problem by calling the individual and collective consciousness, which some people refer to as the spirit, an ID, so that it can be considered distinct from this connecting wire also called the spirit.
People studying spiritual matters years ago were not able to perceive the two different parts and so combined the wire and the ID and called them both the spirit.
So, we have the Logos from God, contained within the soul, then the ID – individual and collective consciousness – and, connecting them both together the spirit.

People thought that once the Logos issued energy, it was passed directly to something they termed the spirit.
We now know this is not so.
Separate and remote from the Logos, contained within the soul, we have the spiritual aspect of us we call the ID but connecting the two we have a link still referred to as the spirit. It would be good to find a new word for it but, so far, no one has come up with a suitable word. So, we still call it the spirit.

So, to recapitulate, we have the Logos, then the spirit, then the ID.
The Logos generates the life essence, it is passed through the link called the spirit and that essence is fed into the ID, the true, active part of a living object.

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