The lower self is the subconscious which is as implied “below consciousness”.

It is also called intuition.

If we can develop intuition we are able to make things happen to our advantage.

What actually happens is that, through intuition, we can develop this “knowing” what is going to happen.

All things happen in due course and in due time but, instead of stumbling through life only knowing about things as they happen, we can know what is going to happen.

Thus, if we know what is going to happen – like seeing the future – we can change it if we don’t like it.

Now, the way to make contact with intuition is to reduce ego.

Ego is always trying to protect us from danger but, if we can trust that we don’t need ego to protect us, we can replace it with intuition which will also protect us but from a different perspective.

Once we have mastered intuition and have replaced ego with intuition, it is possible to allow higher self to make it’s appearance because ego blocks higher self.

We must, at some point, make a choice between ego running our lives or higher self.

So, once higher self takes the stage we can really begin to act in a God like manner because higher self is God.

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