People have looked at the asteroid belt and have concluded that the rocks of various sizes and composition must have come from a planet that they named Maldek that had been destroyed in the war that damaged Mars.
This is not true.
The rocks in the asteroid belt have been created, partly by the law of mutual attraction and partly through angelic help, over many billions of years.

There never was a planet called Maldek.  What the remote viewers saw, who reported that a planet was destroyed, was a glimpse into the thought forms that remain in the etheric realm.
Because many people are convinced that Maldek existed, a thought form exists and this is what they reported.

The damage to one side of Mars was caused by a very powerful bomb that exploded in the air above a part of Mars which devastated one part of that planet.

Remote viewing is a useful skill but, like all the gifts of the spirit, should not be used publicly until fully mastered or mistakes can be made.
Remote viewers reach into the Akashic record and watch the events unfolding there.
That is why they are sometimes allowed to interact with the beings in those records but they cannot permanently alter the records.

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