Mandela Effect

The Mandela effect, where information from the past is altered in the future occurs when certain people are able to glimpse alternative realities.

Now, if one person sees an alternative reality there would be no effect for the rest of humanity.  However, if many people start to believe that a certain thing has happened then it does alter the old reality and a new reality comes into being.

This is possible because all is illusion.

A book, for example, that stated one thing can be altered by universal consciousness concentrating on an alternative version of that book and so the information contained in that book alters.  It is not a new version of that book.  It is that the book, which only exists by universal acceptance of the contents of that book, alters to reflect a different version of that book.

So we need to be careful in what we think on any subject because nothing is fixed in stone, as the saying goes.

Everything seems to exist as solid objects by common agreement and if that agreement alters, so the information alters.

This may seem strange and impossible until one can accept that nothing really exists except by common agreement and that agreement can change, thus altering the reality of the subject being discussed.

Thus it is that so much from the past can alter and completely disappear if enough people are convinced that something does not exist.

In other words, we create our own realities and those realities can alter by universal agreement.

It is important for humanity incarnate to realise that they can alter events and objects just by common agreement.

This fact has been used to create great harm in the past such as wars and catastrophes but, equally, can be used to create peace on Earth if enough people desire it.

So the so called Mandela effect has far reaching consequences beyond its original concept and should be used by humanity to create peace and goodness.

The Mandela effect was introduced in an attempt to help humanity to realise that they can, indeed, create their own reality both individually and collectively.

Man needs to wake up and realise that apparent solidity of time, space and of all things observed are just there by common agreement and can be altered for better or for worse by common agreement.

Then will man start to be able to create the world he desires.

Thus will deserts turn into green pastures, then will food be created by thought and man will be able to act as the God like masters of life as was intended instead of the victims of the blows of fate as is the case now.

Everything can be changed by thought as all is one and all is God so we are God and our consciousness is the key to being able to act as Gods.

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