Meditation dangers and is Catharism a religion that Jesus created?


Is it ok to meditate outside or away from your usual place or location of meditation?


I would advise you not to meditate outside of the protection of your usual place in your home or wherever it is that you normally meditate.

Meditating outside of that protection can be dangerous. Especially in the countryside where all sorts of creature’s roam in the etheric world.

I speak from experience.

I once meditated at Lordat in the South of France.  This is the place where Jesus is buried.  I had the most horrible experience.


Interesting that you had a horrible experience meditating at the place that Jesus was buried.

You would think that would be a more positive place if people had good thoughts about it.

Is Catharism a religion that Jesus created?


I thought so too, but I linked with the Spanish Inquisition that raided the place and left a terrible imprint on it connected to the Cathars. It was horrible to watch what went on.

I don’t know what Jesus called the religion he created but it happened in the South of France.  It was a great ‘religion’.  It was not really a religion but a way to live.  It still exists in secret.  It is basically what the GWB teaches – equal rights for all people, vegetarianism (vegan as we call it), peace and love, etc.

So, long ago, the Catholics tried to eradicate it and there was wholesale slaughter.  Jesus was already dead by this time and Mary and her daughter Sarah fled.  Some say that they ended up in Scotland, but I can’t confirm this.

Anyway, I came across the ruin of this building, and I thought I would meditate.

As I did so, I was, astrally, surrounded by hoards of evil, violent, brutal-faced people.

It was horrible.

You can’t be physically harmed by astral memories, but it can traumatize one’s mind.

It is amazing that this ruin still held that memory after 1000 years.

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