This lesson looks at meditation and how it can affect one either to grow in spirituality or to become possessed by negative entities because meditation can be a two-edged sword and needs to be conducted with the greatest circumspection.

What is meditation?
Meditation is a wonderful tool, if correctly used, and many people in the 4th dimension practice it.
Some are so adept at it that they can meditate all the time even when they are conducting their affairs. They have learned to split their mind to do two things at once; meditate and carry on with their daily life at the same time.
This skill – for it is a skill – can be practiced by all, both the incarnate and the non-incarnate.
It is a difficult skill to learn but those who can do this say that it brings great peace as one is constantly connected to God’s light while, at the same time, working as if nothing else was going on behind the scenes.
When I say working, I do not refer to the types of work that you who are incarnate might do.
I refer to working to promote peace, control evil and help those incarnate survive what Shakespeare called the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

So, we will take a few pages to describe the pros and cons of meditation, describe once again how to meditate, and mention what can go wrong if one meditates incorrectly. The possible results of incorrect meditation are seldom mentioned in books and articles about meditation, but the dangers are real and tangible so need to be clearly understood by those either doing meditation now or thinking about taking up meditation.
We will discuss the technique for meditation later as it is quite simple but first, I would like to mention why people meditate, what its aims and objectives are, and discuss also the dangers of incorrect meditation.

Let us first examine why meditating is a good idea and what happens when we meditate.
Now, whether one realizes it or not, we are spiritual beings living in an imaginary world.
This needs to be explained and clarified.
As we have often mentioned, incarnation (which is where you are who are reading this lesson) is not real.
It seems real and I can understand that you who are reading this are convinced is real.
It is imagination. An image so powerful that we all who experience it are convinced that it is real.
Indeed, to survive in any convincing manner we must act as if it is real or things will soon go wrong.
If you start to act as if incarnation is not real you will quickly realize that you are in a dream that virtually everyone else thinks is real and your dream will quickly become a nightmare. You will either find yourself in prison or a mental hospital.
So, when incarnate, we must all go with the flow and abide by the general consensus of opinion that incarnation is a reality.
In the privacy of our homes, however, we can, if we wish, get around this false reality for a while by linking with our spiritual or non-physical part and become released for a while from the illusion of incarnation.
Meditation permits this.
It allows us to step – metaphorically speaking – from physicality, and reach into our true non-physical being. We can link with the spiritual aspect of us that activates our physical body. This non-physical body we could call the true us and it lives attached to the heavenly spheres of the 4th dimension. Thus, it is always in contact with the peace and solitude of that area. It is closer to the God source than physicality is and lives in the light of God.
That is why we meditate.
We leave this dark planet called Earth and we move into a higher dimension which is where our true aspect is.
Thus, the act of meditating is to make contact with our true self, which is a body of light. It is illuminated by God’s light which, as we advance in meditation, we can sometimes see.

You will notice if you go into deep meditation, that you forget your physical body and you go into an area of utter peace. That is the peace of the heavenly spheres.

Let us now examine the wrong way to meditate and how dangerous it can be if we don’t act correctly.
You may be aware, from what I mentioned above, that the aim of meditation is to leave our physical state and link with our non-physical body or state.
This non-physical body is quite a long way removed from physicality in terms of frequency, and to raise our frequency from that of physicality to that of our non-physical body takes a good deal of practice. We have to match our frequency to that of our non-physical body in order to link with that non-physical body.
Once we can achieve this state, we can say that we are correctly meditating and are safe.
The problem is that between our physical state and our non-physical state, we have to pass through the etheric realms.
Many people think that there is just one etheric area. This is not so. The etheric band, which is placed between physicality and the aura in which our non-physical body exists, is a multi-layered area.
It also houses a large number of etheric creatures, some harmless and some harmful.
I have mentioned that the fairy races live in the etheric realms.
We tend to love these delightful creatures but they are far from harmless. They can influence our minds in a similar way that some drugs, LSD for example, can influence our minds. This can be harmful either emotionally or even physically.
By this, I mean that they can influence our minds not to notice, for instance, that we might be crossing a busy road, which might create a road traffic accident to our detriment. I do not imply that the fairy race would deliberately put us in harm’s way. If they put confusing thoughts into someone’s mind it is to prevent us from interfering with them. They are frightened of our aggressive nature and do not wish us to interfere with them.
Apart from fairies of all sorts, in the etheric realms, there are a number of negative beings that we would be better avoiding.
Those who move into the etheric realms, either by design or by accident, often report being accosted by negative spirits that they – the people who go into the etheric realms – usually see as somewhat human-looking. Even worse than being approached by these negative spirits, they can attach themselves to us, invisibly, and can wreak havoc in our life. Once attached to us, they are difficult to remove and we are often asked to assist people who are possessed – as one says – by an evil spirit.
What happens to attract these negative spirits is that the etheric realms seem dark. There is little sunlight in the etheric but we humans, if we are normal or good people, always glow with God’s light to a certain degree.
Once we move into the etheric, this light is clearly visible in the gloom of that dimension. Thus, we tend to attract negative entities, curious to find out more about us.
As soon as the negative entity realizes that the person he is investigating has no protection, for their own amusement and pleasure they will influence us with their negative powers.
This might be fun for them but can be catastrophic for us.
No one should practice astral projection on their own. It will always end catastrophically sooner or later.
Astral projection, as it is termed, means going into the etheric realms and should only ever be practiced by those who through true meditation have attracted positive guides who will accompany the explorer and protect him from harm.
These guides have the power to chase away any negative spirit. Anyone who attempts to explore the etheric realms on their own is putting themselves in grave danger.

Why do I mention the etheric?
It is because if one wishes to leave physicality, mentally, and explore the heavenly spheres, one has to pass the etheric.
In terms of frequency, we have physicality, then the etheric, then the lower 4th dimension, and, finally, the upper 4th dimension.
One is obliged to circumnavigate these realms before arriving in the upper 4th, which you call heaven.
The etheric is dangerous but the lower 4th is much more so.
I will describe, briefly, how you will know if you have arrived in the lower 4th dimension.
You will arrive in an area of total darkness. Because the lower 4th is inhabited by totally evil spirits – demons – God’s light, which you call sunlight, does not shine there. The place is pitch black.
But much worse, you will be assailed by terror. You may have been frightened by some event in the past. But what I am describing is total, abject, heart-clenching, terror. It is a terror that has to be experienced to believe.
Nothing that can happen to us on Earth can compare to the terror one experiences in the lower 4th.
You may ask if the etheric and the lower 4th are both negative areas, why they are of a higher frequency than physicality?
The answer is that these dimensions and their frequencies are independent, by which I mean that God’s archangels when they created these diverse places, were not concerned so much as to the frequencies as of keeping the areas apart. Thus, at random, they gave physicality a certain frequency. Then the etheric a higher frequency. Next, they gave the lower 4th a higher frequency, and finally, the upper 4th an even higher frequency.
It is just our bad luck, so to speak, that to go from physicality up in frequency to the upper 4th we have to pass the frequencies in between. So, to rise from physicality to heaven, we have to raise our frequency from our quiescent frequency of incarnation up to that of the upper 4th, and to do that we need to pass by the etheric and the lower 4th.
Something that I should have mentioned about the lower 4th is that if you enter that area, you might well see beings or creatures.
Despite it being pitch black in the lower 4th, you might sense more than see, these creatures. Actually, they can be seen because they are even darker than the blackness of the atmosphere of the lower 4th.
You will not see true, high-powered demons any more than you would see high-powered angels in the upper 4th.
But, to your surprise, you will come across a variety of Djinns and various other entities, and most surprising of all you might well see the small robotic creatures you call greys that often pilot demon-controlled UFOs.

Having warned you of the dangers that you can experience if you incorrectly meditate, not to mention astral projection, let me now say how to meditate correctly.
It is not difficult but there are steps that must be followed.
We have mentioned how to meditate correctly a number of times but, once again, I will go through the steps. It is largely invoking protection. In spirituality, if you don’t ask, you won’t get.
So let me outline the steps required to ensure safe meditation.

  1. Choose a place to meditate where you are indoors and can be alone. This can be almost anywhere but you must choose such a place and always meditate in this same place.
    If you can, meditate at the same time each day. As you meditate, you will attract guides who will protect you and help you so it is polite to meditate at the same time each day. That way, these guides will be ready to help you.
  2. Make sure that the doors and windows of this place are closed.
  3. Always sit on the same chair facing in the same direction. These acts permit you to relax without being concerned that you might be disturbed.
    Tell your family that you are going to meditate and that you do not wish to be disturbed.
  4. Sit on this chair and relax for a few minutes, calming your mind.
  5. Tell God that you are going to meditate and thank God for sending his angels to stand guard over you while you meditate. Do not ask God to send his angels but thank God for sending his angels. If you ask, it implies that God may or may not send angels to protect you. By thanking God that the angels are there protecting you tells God that you have confidence that these angels are there, invisible, protecting you.
    Do not use fancy, Biblical talk. God is your friend, indeed is you, so speak to God as you would speak to a friend.
    You may use a phrase such as ‘I thank you God for sending your angels to stand guard over this meditation and protecting me from all negative influences.’ Equally, you can make up your own phrase if you wish.
  6. Thank the Great White Brotherhood for sending guides to protect you. You may use a phrase such as, ‘I thank the Great White Brotherhood for sending guides to protect me and for all the help they give us; love, care, protection, and information.’ Then finish with a phrase such as, ‘In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost, amen.’ Of course, you may use an invocation that is appropriate from your own religion if it is not related to Christianity.
  7. Next, place your hands above your head and move them slowly down towards your feet, at the same time imagining that you are inside a sort of eggshell that you have just described with your hands. Do this three times.
    You will notice that you are now protected by God’s angels, by the Great White Brotherhood and you are now in a shell of protection. So, you have three forms of protection and are safe in all dimensions.
  8. You may now meditate. The act of meditation simply means quieting your mind and allowing your mind to go deeper and deeper within. You will understand this as you do it.
    Relax every muscle in your body starting from your head to your feet. You will be surprised how tense you normally are. Let all this tenseness go.
    Sit quietly, in silence, trying to still your mind for about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes, if practiced daily at the same time, is quite enough.
  9. As you come to the end of your meditation, send out to others, with your mind, the love that you have received from God during your meditation. This can be sick people, politicians, or just generally to the world. It is important to send this love out to others. If you do not send your love out to others, it stays with you and stops there. If you send it out from you, you are blessed by God’s power, and that power spreads and blesses others.
  10. Then start to return to your normal state.
    Repeat the eggshell motions three more times but visualizing that you are removing the protective eggshell.
  11. Finally, thank God that his angels stood guard over you. Thank the Great White Brotherhood that you were protected by them and your meditation is finished.

You may wonder what the Great White Brotherhood has to do with you? The answer is that the Great White Brotherhood is ready and willing to help anyone in any way it can. If you ask them to protect you during your meditation, they will send trained guards to protect you. That is part of the service the Great White Brotherhood offers to all people. You will not see the Great White Brotherhood but they will be there assisting God’s angels to protect you in all the dimensions.
When you have finished your thanks to God and the Great White Brotherhood, finish with, ‘In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost, amen,’ or the equivalent in your religion.
Then you are done. Try to return at the same time every day.
That is how to meditate. It is the system that has been used for ages in the upper 4th dimension. It works for us and we give this simple technique to you knowing that it will work for you also.
Meditation will raise your personal frequency. As all is one, the frequency of everyone and everything will rise.
That is the way that, collectively, we will restore peace on Earth and in all the dimensions.

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