Meditative Yoga & Body Contortions

The idea of learning any spiritual technique is so as to be able to use it, not only during our physical incarnation, but long into the future in the heavenly spheres.

Therefore, any technique that involves contorting the body into unnatural shapes is a waste of time because, once our incarnation is over, we are finished with our Earthly body.

We carry on as a spiritual force.

So, all the time a person spends on learning to contort his body, dies with the body.
All that is left is the meditation that we learned.

So, we might just as well ignore all the silly body bending techniques and concentrate on developing spirituality.

These body contortions might impress a student but have no real, long-term usefulness.

It is more important to practice, daily, proper and safe prayer (giving thanks), meditation and to help others when it is appropriate to do so.
This will help develop the student spiritually, far more than any yoga or meditative body contortions.

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