Memory is not contained in the brain.
Nor is it contained in the mind.
It is stored in the 5th dimension, specifically in the akashic records.
Every thought or deed made by anyone is stored in the akashic records.
The trick to recovering memory is to link from mind back to the imagination plane and then further back to the higher self level where access to the akashic record is.
From there, the specific information is accessed and brought, through a reverse process, into the mind and the brain can understand the memory.

However, as people age, it becomes more difficult to access new information stored in the akashic record as it is, in a way, recorded further back in the person’s file.
Imagine having a cupboard in which you stored food but the newer food is stored at the back leaving older food towards the front.
This process is done in supermarkets to encourage people to buy old stock rather than new stock.

Therefore, we have a situation where childhood memories are easily accessed but more recent acts are difficult to access such as,”Have you had lunch?” or “What day is it today?”.
These memories are harder to dig into so, through lack of energy, the elderly person does not have the strength to delve into the depths of the akashic record.
Thus his long term memory remains accessible but his short term memory is impaired.

With children, of course, they have less memory stored, more strength and can thus access memory easily.

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