Does Our Mental State Continue On After Death?

Hi bob. In the context of the afterlife, I’d like to know what happens to impoverished people who strive to live a good, happy and prosperous life but fail to break out of their poverty and struggles, and ultimately die in a depressed and unhappy state? Do we take our state of emotions with us to the next dimension? Thanks.?

People that die in a depressed and unhappy state, thinking that their life was a failure, do indeed arrive in heaven feeling depressed.  We are no different up there to what we are down here.
But, very soon, when they understand that all that misery has been left behind for ever and that they are now in a place of everlasting bliss, they very soon cheer up.
When they have their life review and they see that, despite doing their best, life was too stacked up against them for them to make much difference, they stop worrying about the past.  The failures were not their fault but the fault of the system.
So they very soon become happy – for ever.

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