Migraines are a special kind of headache.
Normal headaches are caused when insufficient oxygen is passed through the brain causing an imbalance in the brain’s activity.
A typical case is if someone smells a strong chemical and the different components of that chemical replace the oxygen that the brain requires. A severe headache results for a few moments until the brain is re oxygenated again.

In the case of migraines, a similar thing happens when the brain shuts down the oxygen supply.
This is often caused if the person does psychic work and part of his attention is diverted into one of his etheric or astral bodies.
Thus, his physical body shuts down somewhat and the oxygen supply is diminished due to the fact that not all of the person’s attention is focused on monitoring the body.
That is why many people involved with psychic work suffer from migraines.
It is not easy to do psychic work and, at the same time, monitor the body to maintain an oxygen supply to the brain.

Another, somewhat similar, effect is caused when doing psychic work that the person tends to fall asleep caused, once again, by lack of oxygen to the brain.

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