Missing Flight MH370

Here is what I got concerning flight MH370.

You will see, from the message, that they told us to stop worrying about these matters and stay focussed on what we should be doing – helping people along the spiritual path.

Anyway, here is the message:

“The aeroplane given the title MH370 disappeared some years ago now and has not been heard of again.
From the records of the event we, too, are somewhat confused.
We have tried to explain that everything is recorded into the Akashic Record.
However, this does not imply that finding the truth of what happened is easy.
Certainly, there is a recording of the event as regards the aeroplane but what people are interested in is the fate of the passengers and crew.
We have been able to ascertain that the aeroplane finished up deep under the sea, but our investigations have revealed that it was empty when it plunged into the ocean.
We have also been able to locate thoughts from some of the passengers and crew suggesting that many of them are still incarnate.
Even this is not easy, because the thoughts of a person continue after the demise of the body, so continue to be recorded into the AR in a continuous stream.
Nevertheless, we can say that some of the people on board the craft are still in incarnation.

We are not particularly interested in resolving the mystery of what happened and why, as we have our agenda to follow and the fate of a few people is not of great interest to us. (I don’t think that they mean this in quite the callus way it sounds. Bob)
But, we will say that, from what little information we have gleaned from the AR concerning the fate of flight MH370, it appears that it was diverted from its course, the people removed from the plane and then the plane destroyed.

We do not wish to delve deeper to find the cause of the incident.
Our task is to educate the public about spiritual matters, not to become diverted into investigating events created on Earth by evil or misguided people.”

So, we have been told.

Stop worrying about things that do not concern us … or the GWB!


To download this message, please click on the link below:


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