Mona Lisa

The alien being known as Mona Lisa is, in fact, a giant hoax created by NASA to confuse people. There is no truth in the story.

There was no mission twenty and no Russian module.
Apart from the few astronauts that went to the moon in what you call a UFO, man has never put foot on the moon.

NASA decided to create this hoax in an attempt to convince people that the moon missions were real and successful.  As we have previously stated, these missions were filmed on Earth.

The being named Mona Lisa was, in reality, the body of a deceased person who did not have a family to recognise her.
The “tubes” connected to her were, in fact, chicken bones.

So we will say that the whole story was a hoax.
However, the crashed spaceship was real but not photographed on the moon.
It was found on Earth and the images altered in what is called Photoshop in order to create a moon like environment.

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