Moses – Parting Of The Sea

Anyone who has any knowledge of the way the Bible is written would realise that the story of Moses and the parting of the sea contains a spiritual message.

Did it, in fact, happen?

A visit to the Akashic Record reveals that it was created by priests long ago to describe God’s Force saving righteous people from evil ones.
In fact, the story of Moses and the destruction of the enemy – the enslavers – was relevant then but is still more apt now.

It describes, in effect, the Ascension process, so the story was, in many ways, prophetic.
The concept behind the story is quite simply that good people will escape from the clutches of evil people and this has been developing for a long time.
But now is the time that this prophecy will come to fruition.
Good people will be freed from the slavery of evil people.

The Akashic Record shows no evidence, and interviews with people who lived at that time stirs no memories of such an event – the parting of the waves.

It is allegorical but is happening now: Ascension.

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