The NAZCA lines are interesting in that they were created by a group of aliens, or rather the animated life forms they made, with the specific purpose of causing generations of humans to think about life outside of terrestrial manifestation.

They were created a long time ago by these aliens who knew that man could not properly observe them until he had created flight.

It was hoped that, by that time, humanity would be advanced enough to ponder the connection between flight in the sky and flight outside of the orbit of Earth.  In other words, interstellar flight.

Whether these designs have served their purpose is not clear but certainly modern man is aware of UFOs and beings from other dimensions.

So man is  gradually waking up to the possibility of life outside of earth and of the possibilities of other dimensions beyond 3D reality.

The destiny of man is to discover inter dimensional travel, for man came from the stars and man will, one day, return to the stars.

Then will man discover his bodies of light, star light, and live in this heavenly relationship with all life wherever it is to be found.

That was the object of creating the NAZCA lines.

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