Negative Entities

It is important to all students of the mysteries of life to realize that there are always negative entities circulating in the etheric realms, and, if a person who has not followed a course of spiritual training given by teachers well versed in esoteric knowledge, both the student and the teacher could find themselves in contact with negative energies circulating in the etheric realm that would convince them of the point of view being expressed.

This information might range from endless reincarnation, through the various plasma and toplet bombs ideas to the conviction that God itself does not exist and all are abandoned in a sea of despair.

All this is, of course, nothing but fantasy.  Fiction presented as fact.

The truth is as has been presented in our various talks and discussions.

It is true that there are entities variously known as Archons, Greys, Reptilians etc., but these beings, very negative in nature, cannot come into our reality except by invitation.

Thus if someone invites contact with these creatures, they can become influenced by them and can be subjected to their negativity.

Equally, we all live in our unique universes created my our minds or higher selves, depending on the degree of spirituality of the person.

Thus if someone of low vibration starts to believe that Archons and their various creations are real, they invite them into their reality.

From there it is an easy step to be influenced by them and to be told that we are living in a prison dimension with endless incarnations and total control by these entities.

For those people who believe this, they mould their reality around these concepts and so for them it is real.

For others of a more elevated consciousness, such concepts are anathema.  Their belief in God and a spiritual life would be strong enough for them to dismiss this Archonic invasion of the mind and to retain their belief in God, the creator of all that is good and holy.

In such circumstances there would be no place for the concept of negative invasion of the mind to take place, no concept that God would allow his people to remain endlessly in prison.

In such circumstances, only  the concepts that are righteous and holy could exist.  Therefore the created reality would be one of goodness, peace and holiness.

Thus, as is so often the case we have this dilemma, this dichotomy between good and bad, holy and evil, God and devil.

These different opinions are important, in order to keep the universe in balance but, rest assured that there is enough negativity in the world without the needing of the human population of Earth adding to it.

We do not require people to believe in an Archon invasion, nor an alien invasion.  There is no need for people to believe in the prison planet concept nor of plasma traps nor of endless reincarnations.

All these things have been created to promote fear: the food of Archons.

Thus people are feeding that hand that is biting them!

This foolish act has endured for long enough.  It is time for people to wake up and realise that they have been lied to for so long, how their minds have been enslaved and their mentalities driven to almost imbecility by the simple fact of accepting a false idea: the Archon invasion.

This concept is false,  based on lies and the object was, and is, to create fear.

So it is time for the people to wake up and turn towards the truth that is within their hearts.

To find the one true God of love, peace and harmony.

Then will the artificial barriers created by the minds of man and kept in place by their beliefs, be removed and the Earth liberated from the forces of evil.


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