Never Experience Physical Death?

Are we the first species that will take our physical bodies and live forever as our bodies gradually become more etheric over time and never experience physical death?
All life, whatever it is, is a spiritual force.
Now, in the case of humans, we are all just a spiritual force that is immortal, and we live in the astral planes.
But some of us decide to come here to experience a physical incarnation on planet Earth, and planet Earth is the only planet where this is possible in the whole cosmos. So, a system was created that gave life physicality for a few years, our “three score years and ten”, as it is mentioned in the Bible.  So, for a few years we have two  bodies.  Our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies.
Eventually, our physical body “dies” and we return to our spiritual form.
Now, we are moving into this ascension part, as it is called.
So, eventually, our physical bodies will live for much longer – we may not see this, but it will happen.
But, we need to return to heaven to make place for others, so we will all “die”.
Others will come and take our place but each generation will be more and more spiritual in their thoughts.
So, we will not live spiritually for ever in physical form but we are immortal.  We will be very advanced in heaven, very advanced when we come here and even more advanced when we return home to heaven.
Now, are we the first species to do this?  No, Humanity has incarnated for millions and millions of years and has advanced to very high levels, in the past, but was wiped out by either natural or man made catastrophes, and has had to start again.
I hope that, this time it is the good one.
We will see.

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