Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary person, far ahead of his time in terms of the study of electricity and of Earth Sciences.

He was a man like all men but, without his direct knowledge, he was helped by a Nirmanakaya.
It is not generally known that each country is guided by a Nirmanakaya.
A Nirmanakaya is a spiritual entity that is charged with directing a country to develop in a certain fashion. That is why each country develops in a slightly different manner.

These Nirmanakaya can, if they wish, choose to select someone and help that person.
We could quote Mozart, Da Vinci, Jesus and Buddha as examples of people helped by a Nirmanakaya.
Tesla was helped by a Nirmanakaya to develop electricity and Earth Sciences.

Of course, being ahead of his time, his help was refused but, nevertheless, his discoveries are being rediscovered today and are helping people.

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