Nuclear War

What is the most likely outcome of the Ukraine war? is it going to escalate to nuclear war? We need to know to be prepared.

Thank you for your question.
Although I am in daily contact with the GWB, they are reluctant to talk about the craziness happening in Ukraine. They consider it our problem and we must sort it out.

However, full-scale nuclear war will not be allowed to take place.
Nuclear bombs not only destroy planet Earth but also affects the astral planes. This will not be tolerated.

There may be a few small devices exploded just to create fear, but a total nuclear war would destroy planet Earth and everything on it and would severely affect all of the astral realms.
This will not be allowed to happen.

So, don’t worry. We are being closely monitored by our astral brothers and they will see that balance is maintained.

Mars was destroyed long ago by a nuclear war and it is still inhabitable. Earth will not be allowed to go the same way.

Pray for peace and visualize peace. Prayers are effective. That is all that we can do. Our astral family will do the rest.


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