Other Planets In The Night Sky & Are Aliens Living On Mars?

Thanks Bob for all your efforts to publish this book. I have couple of questions to GWB: planet Earth is a tiny, tiny dot in this huge universe so if life exists on Earth only then why archangels bothered to create this big universe given they use energy to the most efficient way they can? Do astral auras of Mars and other plants (like Pleiadeans) have the true aliens living in them? I have other questions but I don’t want to overwhelm you.?

Thank you for your questions.
The ones that you have just sent I can already answer because the questions that you asked have already been answered in the various messages that the Great White Brotherhood have given us over the years.
I do appreciate that you are a busy person and therefore cannot find the time to read all the information that is on our sites.
But the answers to many questions are there.

So, to answer your first question about why the universe is created if we don’t need it?
Although this is not complicated it may take some time to answer.
The Archangels who construct our universe never waste energy, so anything that you see that we are not actually using is not created in any solid form.
The way the universe that we see in the night sky was explained to me is as follows.
Imagine a skilled artist who is making a painting.
Anything that is very close up and essential to the message that the painting conveys is painted in great detail.
However, anything that is non-essential but that the artist wishes to put into the painting is painted in much less detail as it appears far away from the main focus of the painting.

Now, in real life, when we look up into the night sky, any planets that we might see are just created as tiny dots of “paint”, so to speak. They are not painted in any detail.
They are there to give us the impression that there is more to life than just us as individuals.
But they are just tiny, lifeless dots.
Long years ago, when man was more primitive, these dots were not painted so the night sky was empty but, as we grew in curiosity, so the Archangels felt the need to fill the night sky with something and so all the stars and planets were “painted”.
If you cannot understand this please ask and I will expand.

To deal with your second question.
The astral areas – of which there are just 8 – are divided into countless sub dimensions.
The personality bundles, which eventually constitute what we call an alien, are contained in one or more of these sub dimensions.
These sub dimensions, where the personality bundles are to be found, would not necessarily have any direct connection to the auras surrounding any planet such as Mars or whatever.
We need to appreciate that there is space in the dimensions for everything. So, the personality bundles have areas that contain them and, although the auras that surround a planet such as Mars must, inevitably, be connected to all the sub dimensions, they would not necessarily be any direct link.
Thus, if you could go into the auras surrounding Mars you would not necessarily come across any true aliens. Certainly, they would be there, but in areas remote from what you would be able to see. Thus, they would be invisible to your eyes.
I do appreciate that all this sounds very complicated, but these are subjects that we need to mull over in our minds until we understand them intuitively.

I thank you for the interest that you show in these subjects.


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