Past Lives and Reincarnation

If reincarnation isn’t true what about children and many other people that can remember their past lives. One child was able to go back to the place he was murdered and pointed out the man that was the murderer (who was old). The 9 year old told him how he murdered him, why and where he buried him. The murderer broke down crying & admitted to this deed. This is one of many stories. Being in the hypnotherapy field I have discovered there are many people that can speak languages they knew nothing about but tapped into a past life. Just wondering if their tapping into another timeline where they are living simultaneously? Confused and seeking the truth.

The GWB have explained this many times already but please let me have another stab at it.
1. Before incarnating, in heaven, there are an endless number of subjects one can study: music, science, maths, gardening, languages and on and on. If something exists down here, it is because it already exists in heaven. So, some children are born with advanced knowledge of some skill.
2. Or it is possible for some people to enter the Akashic Record and view the past life of a person. These, generally, are lives that stick out from the ordinary. That is why people who claim to have seen their past lives usually claim to be Egyptian priests or vestal virgins or someone who had a noteworthy job.

The truth is that, if one incarnates at all, one comes here just once.

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