I have often spoken about animals in general and pets in particular.
Wild animals, when they die, go off to a plane in the spiritual realms.  They leave their physical body behind, of course, but their spirit goes off to this area.  They live in peace together.  Eventually, their life essence is dissolved and recycled to make more animals.
Pets.  Some people have pets that they look after but don’t have any really close connection with. Those pets go off to the same area as wild animals.
Now, the basis of all life is a spiritual law we call the “Law of Mutual Attraction”.  And the concept behind that is love.
When we die and go off to one of the many levels of heaven, if there was love between any people or animals, they will always be together – for all eternity.
Thus, if we have, or had, a pet and there was love between the pet and its friend (the owner), the pet and the owner, at the end of their incarnations meet in heaven and spend all eternity together.
If the pet dies first, it goes to our heaven and is cared for by angels, waiting until our incarnation is finished and then we meet the pet again and go on together.
These pets don’t just have to be cats and dogs etc.  There are lions and tigers, beloved pets, wandering about and you can see children playing with these animals just as we play with a cat or a dog.
The only “pets” that one seldom sees are those who do not have a sense of spiritual awareness, love.  Spiders, snakes and so on.
All other pets, if they were loved and loved their owners, can meet in heaven.

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