Photokenesis is the term used in the manipulation of light.

Light is, of course, just vibrations that happen to occur in a particular set of frequencies known as the visible spectrum.

All life, all events and all that occurs is usually connected to vibration of one sort or another.

So, a person is constructed of vibration that happens to fall within the visible spectrum.  This is why we can see a person.  The same applies to all visible objects and creatures, of course.

Now, the question posed is can light be used as a sort of weapon, to project a force or to create a shield?

The answer is, yes it can.

However, it is not visible light that is very effective, except in lasers and that is because one particular frequency is concentrated to a great power.

A human would not be capable of concentrating just one frequency.  So a human could not project light as in a laser beam.

What humans can do is to learn to project an aspect of vibration far outside the visible light spectrum that would align with one or more of the auras of the opponent.

If a human can learn to project a band of frequencies corresponding to the auras of someone with the intent of repelling those auras, automatically the physical body of the opponent would be repelled.

Equally, a person could project a field of vibrations around him that would act as a protective shield.

However, those vibrations would be far higher in vibration than the visible light spectrum.

It must also be said that it would be difficult for a person to develop the means of generating and projecting such vibrations.

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