Physical Forms

You have asked some questions that are difficult to answer.
Our spiritual form is just a ball of light.  But it contains all of our personality and so on.  So, once we are in heaven, we can create, with our minds, the form that we had when on Earth and we project that form to others and they do the same to us.  So others can recognise us and we can recognise them.
Now, with regard to space ships;
I will explain in stages because, although it is quite simple, it is difficult to comprehend.
We humans are two things in one, as you know.
We are immortal spirit with mind, higher self and all the rest of it and we animate a robot that we call our physical body.  We are used to seeing people so we don’t question any of that.
Animals are the same; spirit animating a physical body.
The physical body has been “grown” by the mother in her womb and is actually made from the food that she eats during pregnancy.
If we consider a snail, its shell is made from very hard material that is, nevertheless, grown by the snail.
If we want to travel we need to manufacture a car or a plane or a boat or whatever.

Now, aliens are also an invisible life force very much as we are.  They do not naturally have bodies because they have no real purpose coming to our 3D world.  They are interlopers and so have to manufacture things very much as we manufacture a body to be able to relate to Earth.
So they manufacture the grey robots, the mantis and so on.
They put just enough intelligence in them to be able to perform the tasks that they need to do.
We do much the same.  We put just enough intelligence in a microwave oven to allow it to cook food.  We put just enough intelligence in a washing machine to allow it to wash our clothes.
We put more intelligence in a computer because it performs more complex tasks.

So, a grey, for instance, is a manufactured entity – think of our physical body – animated by a spirit force remotely.  This is exactly what we do.  Our spirit is remote from our body but animates it.
I have not explained that very well but I hope you can understand.
The essential part is spirit manufacturing a physical object (a body)

Now, this is the hard part.
We are used to seeing manufactured beings; us, animals, grey aliens and so on, as being made of flesh and blood, or of vegetable matter and so we can accept that.
But it doesn’t have to be made of flesh and blood.
Suppose our spirit was capable of making a human robot, not of flesh and blood but of metal!
We are used to seeing the shape of life as either being humanoid or animal like or fish like and so on, but it doesn’t have to be.
Suppose it was saucer shaped or cigar shaped or triangular shaped!
Suppose a living spirit creature (invisible life force like we are) was able to grow a body that was both metallic instead of flesh and blood, and saucer shaped instead of human looking.
It would still be alive because it could be animated by the spirit just as we animate our body.
Well, apparently, this is what a UFO is.
It is a living creature with a spirit animating it and it is every bit as alive as you and I are except that the body is a different shape.
This  body is adapted for its specific purpose to enable little creatures to live inside it (Jonah and the whale) and looks to our eyes like a machine but it is the living body of a spirit force that created it and animates it.
We have heard of people who say that they felt that a UFO was alive – that is why, it is alive.
That, also, is the reason why we humans have never been able, directly, to fly a UFO.  They always have to be altered so that it can be controlled by us.
When one crashes, if the spirit force withdraws the UFO effectively dies, just as our body dies after an accident.
So, a UFO is a physical body, created by an alien spirit force so as to be able to relate to our world just as we create our body so as to be able to relate to Earth.  When we are looking at a UFO we are looking at the body of a living creature.  The spirit animating it we never see just as we never see the spirit animating our bodies.

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