Planet Shift

The planet Earth is shifting.

The wave of spiritual energy that is flooding into our galaxy is causing a massive, if gradual, change to its physiological form.

In other words, the planet Earth, is waking up from its acceptance of the harm that man has caused for hundreds of years and is shaking off its apparent indifference.

It will gradually become obvious to man incarnate that the planet Earth is every bit as alive as any other sentient creature and is protesting to the way that man has treated it.

So, all these effects are being created by planet Earth, to advise man that it is alive and intends for man to show greater respect to it.

Just as humanity is being affected by this spiritual change and will eliminate the evil ones, planet Earth is warning people that it too, intends to teach man that enough is enough and that humanity must, and will, stop exploiting its body for their profit.

When man stops what it is doing that is harming the Earth, the catastrophes will stop.

Whilst man continues to harm the body of Gaia, the Earth, the lessons will continue with increasing intensity.

The planet does not wish to harm or inconvenience normal people.

Its actions are aimed at the elite who exploit planet Earth for their profit.

The ordinary people who are harmed by these actions are what we refer to today as “collateral damage”.  Unfortunate victims of the actions of the Earth.

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