Plants & Animals – Earth & Heaven

Hi Bob.
What happens to plants when they die?
Do the plants in heaven not have an earthly incarnation?
Much like how there are humans and animals that don’t incarnate in the 3d realm?
Or do they die and then regrow in heaven?

As is often the case, the answer to your question(s) is not easy.
As I have already explained, God asked the Directors of Life to create planet Earth and put an atmosphere, plants and animals, as an experiment so that God could increase his wisdom through their experiences.
Us humans came much later to help raise the level of spirituality.
We humans, were supposed, always, to stay in the astral realms. But we came here and here we are.
Most of us wonder what on Earth we are doing here, and I have tried to explain why.

Now, this is the difficult bit to describe and understand.
Heaven is not actually a place. It is a state of consciousness.
But, when we go to heaven, when we die or when we are able to visit it, we need to have reference points to be able to make sense of heaven. So, with our imagination, we see heaven as a solid place with plants, animals, sky and so on. But it is actually our imagination creating this “reality”.
When one advances enough, spiritually, we can bypass this illusion and just be in the state of consciousness that we call heaven.

So, plants, when they die, do not actually go to heaven. Their physical bodies – leaves, roots and so on – are made of atoms. These rot down and the atoms are recycled to make more plants.
The logos of the plant – its blueprint – gradually fades.
The Directors of Life make more plants to replace those that have ceased to live. But the plants do not go off to heaven because there is no planet called heaven to go to. Nor did they come from heaven. They are created by the Directors of Life.

It is the same with animals. The atoms that constitute their bodies rot and are recycled and their logos gradually fades.
Pets are a slightly different case.

Now, us humans are totally different.
We came from the heavenly sphere, which is our true home, and we return to heaven.
I don’t know if you can understand what I have written. It is not easy.
But the plants that we see when we go to heaven are constructs of our imagination, individual and collective. The plants that are on Earth are designed and fabricated by the DOL and, when they die, just get recycled.

Follow Up Question:
Yes, I fully understand.
With pets, they wait for us or we wait for them and wild animals go to their own place, where they loiter for a bit and their energy is recycled to make more animals.
But what about pets who have had several owners?
Because each reality is our own, do we all just see the same pet?
I know these are complicated questions, that you may not have time to answer.

The answer is quite simple.
The law of mutual attraction, implies, that love is the strongest bond there is.
If there is love between two people or even a pet and his owner, there can never be separation.
So, if a pet loves his owner or an owner loves his pet, they will meet up again in what we call heaven. The pet will go to the owner it loved the most.

Now, as we create our own realities, we will have individual relationships with our pets. We have 4 cats and I have noticed that my wife’s relationship with them is slightly different to mine.
We see them from our own perspectives. We can still love them but in a slightly different way.

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