“It is a bit complicated to explain, but here goes.
If we can appreciate that every spot in the universe has a particular frequency and if we can accept that time is a series of frames of reality, each one encoded with a frequency also, we can understand that events that occurred at any one place have images piled on top of them over time.
Now, there are also a number of portals, areas of vibration that enable us to select which frame of time we want to visualise.  This enables time travel to occur.
These portals are generally unknown to humanity.
But if someone accidentally goes into a portal when it is open and active, they can select, with their mind, which frame of time they wish to experience and which place on the planet they wish to go to.
Once they have experienced that moment of space/time they are free, with their mind to return to present space/time reality.
People pass through these portals frequently but they open and close.  If shut, nothing can happen.
Even when open, if someone passes through one but is firmly focussed on the “here and now” they will stay in their reality.
It is only when someone is distracted or thinking about something other than the here and now can space/time travel occur.
Portals are gateways between dimensions.
It is possible for people, individually, to teleport with their minds between dimensions but, planet Earth, being part of what is known as the 3rd dimension and contains physical elements, there has come into being, over time, doorways between the physical world and the astral realms.
I suppose that the tunnel of light we go down at “death” is a portal.  Bob
Portals are many and varied in their functions, enabling people to traverse the galaxy and, indeed, other galaxies using portals as simple doorways between them, rather like passing from one room to another.
In the case that we mentioned, time travel, there are portals connected to time/space that enables actual physical teleportation backwards and forwards in time.
The origin of portals is not really known.  We accept that they are part of God’s master plan to connect dimensions when all that existed first came into being.
Now, generally, people go through their incarnation without ever encountering an active portal although, there are, from time to time incidents where people pass through one.
We will also say that these portals have a spiritual element to them and so, if someone finds himself, suddenly, somewhere that he doesn’t want to be he can, through an act of will, bring himself back to his point of origin.
Equally, there are cases where people have found themselves somewhere that they prefer to their home planet and so they stay, or find themselves in a place where humans cannot survive and so they “die”.
Is it possible to see a portal?
Not by untrained people.  Those who have developed their psychic gifts might, occasionally, see a shimmering area rather like the heat haze on a hot road.  That would be a portal.
It would be most unwise for anyone to deliberately enter a portal because humans incarnate on Earth at the moment do not have their spiritual faculties sufficiently developed to know where the other end of a portal comes out.
There is actually a great deal of  traffic by advanced beings at the moment, coming and going from various dimensions to Earth and vice versa.
That is a brief overview of portals.”

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