Possession is a very rare thing. Many people, when they have problems, immediately assume that they are possessed – and it can happen, but it is very rare.
To become possessed, three things need to happen.
1. The person has to come into connection with an evil spirit – which is already a rare event.
2. The evil spirit has to announce himself and tell you what he wants.
3. You have to invite the evil spirit into your life.
All the above is spiritual law and all demons must obey those laws.
To give the example of black eyed kids, who are djinn, summoned by a black magician.
1. There is a knock on someone’s door and the house owner opens the door.
2. Then the kids stand on the doorstep and ask to be let in to use the bathroom, eat something or whatever. They actually say that they can’t come into the house without permission.
3. If the house owner lets them in, all hell breaks loose but if he slams the door in their face, they disappear.
The good thing from our point of view is that any demon summoned by a black magician has to hurt someone once he is summoned so if he cannot hurt the victim he has to return to the sender and that person gets hurt. Black magic is a risky business.
You would not be able to tell if someone is possessed but I can put below a technique for getting rid of an evil spirit.
Here is what you do.
Sit on your own in a room with the door and window closed. Tell God that you are going to pray to get rid of a bad spirit and ask Him to send His angels and your guides to stand guard over you. Then imagine that you are sitting under a shower of water that is pouring over your head, over your body and down into the ground. This will be spiritual “water” but try really to feel it as if you were under a real shower.
Sit under this shower of spiritual water for a couple of minutes and visualize all negative entities being washed away from you and down into the ground just as if you were dirty and were washing the dirt from you. Imagine this spiritual water not only washing your body but washing you inside also.
After a couple of minutes, let the spiritual water stop, thank God for the fact that all bad spirits have now gone, thank God for the protection that he sent you and just carry on with your day.
You may do this for three days consecutively, if you wish.
Any bad spirit will now be gone.


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