Pray to God

Is there a God to hear one’s prayers, and can he or the being God actually hear them? For instance, let’s say a loved one gets a terrible disease, and you pray, is there hope in the prayer, or does that person have the disease because it’s their destiny and no amount of prayer will heal or save them.

Another example, is being scared to fall asleep for some reason, so you pray for help and protection, is there a God that actually will hear that cry for help?

Never ask God for anything because to ask implies giving God a choice. He might answer yes or no.

So, just thank God for his blessings and go forward sure in the knowledge that God will help you.
After all, everything is God pretending to be something.

You are God pretending to be you.

So, act in a God like manner. Be sure that you will give yourself all that you need.
You may never be rich and you may never be super healthy but that is the path you chose before incarnating.

God does not make failures.

Accept that you, as God, can always survive and be happy.

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