Pre-Christian Deities

Hi Bob, I was curious what your opinion is on pre-Christian deities from Europe?  Old texts refer to them cross the Bifrost which is described as a rainbow or bridge of light.  I think it’s safe to assume the Old God’s of Europe were also beings of light who could manifest themselves in this realm.

So, my question is, do you think these beings are real and what sort of power do they have in comparison to the Great White Brotherhood?  Is it possible they share members?

Here is the answer.
The pre-Christian deities were largely figments of the imaginations of those simple souls who had a plethora of ‘Gods’, at least one for every occasion.
But it is possible that those with psychic vision did see angelic beings that appeared in astral form from time to time to assist and guide the people of that period.

We can confirm that none of them are associated with the GWB as they are angels and we are humans. Obviously, the aims and objectives are the same.

As regards power, the question is not really relevant as none of us, generally, manifest ‘power’ in a physical fashion – although both angels and we can manipulate matter in extreme cases. So, we cannot really compare power.

That is what they told me.  I hope it helps,

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