Prime Radiant Revisited

We have stated that each person, through his prime radiant, which is a projection of that person’s consciousness, creates all that he sees.

This is so for all people incarnate.

However, as is often the case, there is more to the story.

If, for example, we communicate with someone that we have never seen, we form an opinion, from the person’s voice, the way he or she talks and expresses him/herself, of what that person looks like.
This opinion may be accurate or not.

But once we have ‘seen’ the person, we have an image in our mind of the appearance of that person.
So, where does that image come from?
Does it come from what we ‘see’ or does it come from an image projected by the person concerned?

We have stated that each person is actually a dot of consciousness, totally alone.
But, as many have realized, there can be communication between people where thoughts and images can be shared.

How can this happen?

Although each person has his unique frequency and, normally, these frequencies cannot combine otherwise it would cause an explosion as in zero-point energy, on a higher level, connected to higher self, an exchange is possible.

This is because there is only one higher self for all people and thus all thoughts and images, which are normally kept private, can be shared.

This, to make it easy to explain, is a form of telepathy.
It is that as two separate people’s thoughts pass through the higher self, a sort of call is sent to a person and the second person responds, rather like answering a telephone call and so two, or more, people can communicate.
You may also compare it to the newish internet systems you have where voice and image can be sent back and forth across the world (Skype…Bob).

That is how it is possible for two or more people’s prime radiant’s to communicate.

This concept can be spread and spread as all people use higher self and creates, effectively, all that is experienced on Earth.

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