Prison Planet – Reincarnation – Endless Life

Reincarnation and Prison Planet is a lie, started in India a long time ago by the Archons, to make people feel depressed and hopeless – without any hope.
But it is a lie. It is not the truth.
You come here just once in order to gain some experience that you could not get in the heavenly spheres. You have different experiences in the upper 4th but incarnation gives you the experiences that unfold for you every day.

You cannot die.
We were all born, so to speak, in the 8th dimension, a long, long time ago. We are all the same age.
When we come to Earth (incarnation), that is just a small part of our endless life.
When our incarnation ends (death), our body dies, but the real us – spirit, soul, and all the non-physical parts of us, which are the true us, goes to the 4th dimension which contains both heaven and hell.
According to how we lived on Earth – the good we did and the harm we caused affects which part of the 4th dimension we go to.
Most of us go to the middle portion, which is called Summerland.
Bad people have to go to hell for a while, until they repent and are sorry for the harm they caused. But, even from there, they can make it back to Summerland.
Gradually, as we become better people, we graduate to the true heavenly spheres.

Whatever part we go to, we are still alive and always will be.
We will live for billions of years in the 4th dimension.
Re-incarnation is a lie. We come here just once.
When our incarnation is over, we return to the 4th dimension as I explained above.

So, you have always been alive and you always will be alive.
This incarnation is just a tiny part of our endless life.

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