Proof That Souls Exists

Where’s the evidence that a soul even exists?

The subject of the soul, which is the life force, cannot be measured yet by science because science deals, mainly, with physical things.
But, quantum mechanics, has at last started to realise that there is more to reality than just the physical. These mathematicians, using their mind instead of instruments, have discovered things they call strings and so on. Following this branch of mathematics will, eventually, enable them to discover dimensions, auras and all the things that people like me talk about.

Then that will open the door to someone investigating just what life is.

At the moment it is more the domain of religion, and science and religion like to be poles apart.
The day they come together; they will advance more quickly.

However, as life, soul and God are far above anything that humans are capable of understanding, just what a soul is will, no doubt, still remain a mystery.
But you can always visit a morgue and look at dead bodies. Then you can realise that these dead people were once alive. The difference is that the soul, the life force, the God spirit, has departed those bodies. That is what death is.
So, someone alive has their soul with them and someone dead does not.

I don’t suppose that you would call that proof, but it is about as close as you will get.

Now, physical life is just the end product of a descending chain of events, that starts with the God particle – not the Higgs Boson idea but the true God particle – and works its way down through various auras and ends up in this physical world.
But the problem is, that most people can only see with their physical eyes. All else remains illusion.

I will also add, that there is a vast amount of life that does not have physicality, some of it positive and some negative.
If ever an instrument was invented that could see, really see, into the auric fields, science would be amazed.
Until then, it remains a closed door.

Thank you,
Bob Sanders

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