What happens to psychopaths after they cross over? I speak of people without consciences or any sort of moral compass.

Thank you for the question.

I asked my guides and here is their response:

  1. A true psychopath has no consciousness of his evil actions so, as he judges himself, he feels no wrong. But he does, for the first time feel the pain and suffering that his actions have caused others.
  2. In heaven, the ability to stay in the bright areas is dependant on the level of holiness one has. As a psychopath has very little holiness, he will go to a dark, dismal place correspondent to his lack of holiness. There he will stay until he desires to move towards the light.
  3. At that point, he will have to feel the remorse that he failed to feel when he was a true psychopath. Then, he will have to go to hell to pay back the suffering that he caused.

So, he stays for a long time in a dark area, then he has a sort of second life review and goes to hell until he pays back all the suffering he inflicted on others.

Only after all that can he move up to the light.



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