Punishment In Hell


It is said that we have a choice indeed. To live in harmony with life and follow the path of love or to choose negativity and cause harm. But the GWB said that people who do bad to others will be severely punished in the afterlife, and wouldn’t you think that this is unfair since it was an equal choice and since God created negative also?
Is it an intended punishment made by the Archangels or is it just the law of mutual attraction at work?
Can those negative people that cause harm just migrate to another “universe” where the modus operandi is hate and negativity, like the Archons did?
Hope to clarify this. It got me thinking


People do not understand heaven and hell.
It is not a question of reward or punishment. It is a question of compatibility of frequency.
Someone who has spent his incarnation doing good is vibrating at a high frequency.
Someone who has spent his life doing harm is vibrating at a low frequency.
Heaven – or the higher 4th dimension – is divided into many areas each one of a different vibration.
Someone who did good will be drawn to an area of similarly high vibration to himself.
Equally, someone who did harm and has a low frequency will be drawn to an area of that same vibration.
It just so happens that, in the higher 4th, high vibration creates places of beauty and places of low vibration are dark, dank and dismal.
So, it is not reward or punishment. It is compatibility to a certain frequency.
I hope this explains heaven and hell.

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