What is the purpose or intent of the Bible?

People have written down accounts of spiritual events that happened to them for thousands of years.
I have written down accounts of my spiritual life, as have others.  So there is nothing new in people writing down their spiritual life.
Some of these accounts survived.
When the Archons decided to create religions as a means of dividing people into separate groups; Christians, Mohammedans  and so on,  to cause dissension amongst people, some of these accounts were brought together and made into the Bible.
Added to the spiritual accounts were stories made up to pad the book out.
But, and this is the important point, because Archons were behind the creation of the Bible, all the stories were given a twist to present God in a bad light.
Instead of God, as he was presented in the accounts written by people as the loving entity that God really is, he was twisted to be this tyrannical, horrible being that the Biblical accounts state.
The purpose of the Bible, at its face understanding is totally false – or largely so.  It is a book to promote hate, and has been very successful as we can see from the venom spat at me by Christians today.
However, here and there are nuggets of truth written in code.
When we can find these nuggets and when we can decode them, we can find the spiritual message written so long ago.

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