Question About A Message In The Bible

“As we have said time and again, the Bible is a personal guide book for all who are seeking the spiritual path.

Therefore, whenever we come across any story in the Bible we must try to decode the story and find out the personal message of the story as it applies to us today.

So, let us think about “your sins are forgiven”.

This means, quite simply, that anyone who feels remorse or regret for any action, forgives themselves. The act of remorse negates the sin.

The statement concerning illness refers to how we are held back, spiritually, by sin.

We cannot progress towards God if our lives are filled with sin.

Therefore we need to feel remorse for past negative actions, resolve never to sin again and then we are healed spiritually and can stand and go forward towards God.

The message does not refer to physical illness but spiritual illness caused by sin.”

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