Reincarnation & Life On Other Planets

1. You say that reincarnation does not exist, yet in one of your videos you’re talking about a suicidal individual having the option to be reborn. In a sense, it seems you’re saying there are cases for reincarnation?
2. I’ve read in some of your books that life in our galaxy/universe is only found on planet earth. You’ve explicitly stated that scientists won’t find life anywhere else no matter how hard they look.

Thank you for your questions.
1. We have stated that suicide cases can have the chance to be reborn and have another stab at life.
Indeed, all people, once their incarnations have finished could, in theory, have the opportunity to return. You would call this reincarnation.
But, in reality, all people whether they are suicide cases or just ordinary people whose incarnations have finished, have long conversations with their guides and the angel charged with helping people follow their life plans.
Always, without exception, the individuals concerned eventually decide to remain in heaven and progress from there.
So, yes, it is possible for people to reincarnate if they really wanted to, but in reality, it has never happened.
We come to Earth just once.
2. People going off to other planets.
A planet consists of two areas. The physical surface and the etheric and astral fields surrounding a planet.
No one goes to the physical surface of any planet. In most cases, it would be extremely dangerous as the surface of any planet might be hot, cold, without any oxygen, and so on. Also, it would require the individual to re-make a physical body as in reincarnation. This is no mean feat.
So curious people who wish to visit another planet keep their spirit body and go off to the etheric or astral fields of the planet.
From there they can observe the planet without danger to themselves.
But they could tell you that there is not much to observe. There is no life on any planet but Earth.

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