Religions, Ascension & Truth

If you were brought up to believe a certain religion, you can be almost sure that religion is not based on absolute truth about life, but what that religion wishes you to believe. If religions taught absolute truth, they would all be identical, but they are not. There is only one truth, but many versions of un-truth.

As far as I am aware, the Great White Brotherhood teaches the truth.
However, only you can decide what you believe and what you do not believe.
Recently, the Great White Brotherhood said to me that they are hoping to create “a tsunami that will flood all the errors and lies and wash them away once and for all.”
We are fast approaching the moment when people will have to decide.
They will have to decide whether to believe the religions they were taught or to believe what the Great White Brotherhood (and possibly other groups) teach.

With regard to people’s different personalities, you will know from experience that some people are naturally good and kind and some people are naturally very unkind.
That is just the way people are.

I would like you to realise that God does not create personalities. God creates life and that’s all God does.
Life implies consciousness. With consciousness people can make decisions.
Why some people are good and some people not good I cannot tell you. That is part of life and consciousness.

All people have choice. Those that are good and kind can choose to become unkind if they wish.
Equally, those who are unkind can choose to become kind if they wish. No one is programmed to do anything. We all have free will at all moments.

I can only suggest that you do not work too hard on trying to find your truth at the moment.
Allow yourself time to assimilate knowledge and you will gradually come to conclusions about what to believe.
We are not trying to persuade you to believe anything.
We present the truth as we see it and you either believe it or you do not.
With time, you will come to conclusions about what you believe.
We do not try to destroy your belief in your religion. We just present our version of what we understand life to be and leave it up to you to decide.

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