Remote Viewing

The way remote viewing works is, quite simply, that the remote viewer reaches into his Higher Self, which is connected to the Akashic Record – effectively they are the same thing.
From there he is able to withdraw information.
Obviously, he is limited by his ability to translate the blocks of information he receives from the Akashic Record and his Higher Self into a cohesive and meaningful stream via the imagination plane.

Now, how is it that from a series of numbers and letters the remote viewer can hone in on the target?
Once again it is simple.
Someone sets up the target and, as we are all one, the remote viewer can reach out and connect with the person setting the target.
Obviously, this is the first skill. If the remote viewer fails to connect with the person setting the target the session is doomed.
If the remote viewer can connect with the person setting the target and can locate the point in the Akash that contains the information, he is able to bring it forth within the limits of his skill to locate the relevant information.

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