How To Remove Bad Spirits – Possession

Below are the techniques for getting rid of any bad spirit.


Number 1:

I am going to put here a technique that you can do to get rid of any bad spirit that may be attached to you. It will also protect you.. It is simple.

Here is what you do.

Sit on your own in a room with the door and window closed.

Tell God that you are going to pray to get rid of a bad spirit and ask Him to send His angels and your guides to stand guard over you.

Then imagine that you are sitting under a shower of water that is pouring over your head, over your body and down into the ground.

This will be spiritual “water” but try really to feel it as if you were under a real shower.

Sit under this shower of spiritual water for a couple of minutes and visualize all negative entities being washed away from you and down into the ground just as if you were dirty and were washing the dirt from you.

Imagine this spiritual water not only washing your body but washing you inside also.

After a couple of minutes, let the spiritual water stop, thank God for the fact that all bad spirits have now gone, thank God for the protection that he sent you and just carry on with your day.

You may do this for three days consecutively, if you wish.

Any bad spirit will now be gone.


Number 2:

Now, how to protect your house.

Buy a small bag of rock salt – real salt not this man made stuff.

Put it outside your house where the sun shines. Leave it there for three days so that the daylight fills the salt with positive energy.

Next, ask God to bless the salt – just ask God as if you were talking to a friend.

Now, go round your house/apartment and, everywhere where there is an opening – doors, windows, fireplaces, toilets, wash basins, taps (faucets), say a little prayer to God thanking Him for His protection and sprinkle a little of the salt in the sign of a cross over those openings. You can also sprinkle a little salt in a line across the threshold of the doors and windows. Go round your entire place doing that. Then, when you have finished, thank God for his protection and you are finished.

If you have a garden (yard) you can also go round the limit of your area sprinkling a little salt and thanking God for His protection. Once again, when you are finished, thank God for his protection and you are finished.

No demon can now enter your house.


Number 3:

When you lie down to sleep, say a short prayer to God thanking Him for sending His angels to look after you when you sleep.

This will draw angels to you who will remain in the astral realms protecting you as you sleep.

Then imagine that you are like an embryo chick. Imagine a white eggshell completely surrounding you as you sleep with you safe in the middle.

This eggshell will be real in the etheric realm.

So, you have angels protecting you in the astral realms and you are protected from the etheric realm.

Nothing can harm you and nothing can enter your space. Also, you can not leave that space as the eggshell is keeping you safe inside it.

So, sleep peacefully.

When you wake up in the morning, thank God for sending His angels to keep you safe all night, imagine the eggshell dissolving and just carry on with your day.

Obviously, do not go to bed having taken drugs or strong drink.



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